From bouncer to All Black - meet Karl Tu'inukuafe

The All Blacks may have run riot against France two weeks ago but the game will be remembered for newcomer Karl Tu'inukuafe.

He burst onto the scene two weeks ago, and he's already a force in the black jersey. 

What began as a desperate bid to save his own life has taken him all the way to wearing the silver fern.

He is a humble fella and there is good reason for that. A year ago, he wasn't even playing top-level rugby.

He was working a desk job at a security firm - and as a bouncer.

"I wasn't moving around much and then during the weekends, I would bounce at different nightclubs so putting on weight wasn't very hard." 

Sitting at a desk also took its toll. He wasn't very active, and he started to gain weight, landing at over 170 kilograms.

His diet - mainly consisting of chicken and chips - led him to his doctor telling him to lose weight or die young. 

"I had all this pain in my joints and stuff. My doctor said, 'You are eating yourself to an early grave.' I said is there a pill for it, and he said, 'No you just have to lose weight.'"

That's when his life changed. 

"I chose rugby because it was the easiest way to do it - my brothers and family and friends were all playing so they told me to come along and I thought that would be easier than doing it alone."

He started playing club rugby on the North Shore then made the North Harbour team - and it seemed his story would end there. 

But then the Chiefs Super Rugby team lost six props to injuries and along came Karl.

He's lost 35 kilograms, going down to 135 - admittedly still the second heaviest All Black ever - but now very fit. 

And sporting the best mustache in world rugby.

He's come off the bench in both tests against the French - and will do so again in the third tomorrow night in Dunedin.  

 "I'm still trying to you know, get that in my mind that I'm here with these great players. It is still unbelievable - but I'm happy to be here now."