Giant penis paintings on Auckland road get potholes fixed

It appears size does matter after an Auckland man's giant penis pictures got the roads near his home fixed.

Geoff Upson contacted road authorities over the massive potholes on Kahikatea Flat Rd, near Waitoki in Rodney District. But after nothing was done, he decided to do something himself.

Armed with fluorescent paint, he drew "a great artist impression of a penis" around the holes in the hope someone would fix them. Then, he filmed the giant phallic symbols - along with a challenge to Auckland Transport (AT) to fix them.

AT was unimpressed, saying it "will be painting out the offensive graffiti".

However it worked. Mr Upson went back to check up on the potholes, and was happy to see the penises were gone.

"I thought I'd pop back and have a quick look," he says in a new video.

"Success! Mission accomplished. We have now got a nice, beautiful repair about 50 metres long. They've even gone and done a bit of extra.

"Thank you Auckland Transport. I still think it's a bit of a shame that it took such drastic action to get the problem solved and I'm hoping we get some of the other potholes in the area fixed."

Mr Upson says the road has 7774 traffic movements per day, and the holes were damaging vehicles' suspension.

AT says it hopes the fix will ensure the problem stops happening.

"Mr Upson may want to reflect on the extra cost that his actions have imposed on local ratepayers," a spokesperson said.


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