Jacinda Ardern 'not tempting fate' with childbirth

  • 13/06/2018

Jacinda Ardern is counting down the days until her pregnancy is over, and wants to avoid an embarrassing accident.

Appearing on More FM on Wednesday, the Prime Minister says she's planning on slowing up to avoid giving birth in public.

"At the moment I'm off to do something up here in Auckland," she says.

"Tomorrow I'm at the Fieldays and then I ease up a little bit because then I get within about 48 hours or 72 hours or so of my due date. So not tempting fate too much - wouldn't want it to kick off in public."

The annual farming and agriculture trade show near Hamilton runs from Wednesday to Saturday this week. Well over 100,000 people are expected to attend.

Ms Ardern says if the baby does decide to emerge a little early, having it at the event won't be the worst thing.

"I've already thought that through, I think I'll probably be in fine company there," she says.

"Particularly the rural women - I think I'd be ok."

After the birth, Ms Ardern says she'll stay in contact with Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters.

"I'll get suitcases - or briefcases - full of papers that come up to me," she says.

"That'll keep happening, so I'll still get copies of all the big decisions that are going through Cabinet and things like that."