Low income families feeling more hopeful under Labour Government - Expert

  • 27/06/2018

The CEO of Mangere Budgeting Service says July 1 will be "bittersweet" for low-income families, but they're mostly feeling hopeful.

Both the Auckland regional fuel tax and Labour's winter energy payment will come into force on Sunday and Darryl Evans says despite the extra tax the families he supports are really looking forward to that day.

Unfortunately this year's payment was delayed and will run from July until September, while 2019's payment will run from May to October.

Mr Evans said it was a pity the payment and extra beds coming in from the Government were happening so late as it's already cold in June.

"The Government is saying all the right things and they've promised more beds and I think they will come, but we're already in the coldest spell," he said.

"I got up at five o'clock this morning at Clarks Beach, one degree, you know completely freezing."

Around 1500 new emergency beds will be coming in from July 1 as well and Mr Evans says on the whole Labour is on the right track.

Especially compared to the last Government.

"Our families are telling us that they're feeling some hope," he said.

"Under National our families told us that they didn't feel any hope... but hopefully from the first of July families will be much better off."