Manurewa High School hip-hop routine took 'months of rehearsal'

Students from Manurewa High school probably didn't expect their tribute to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to do this well when they entered a national dance competition back in April, but it really, really did.

Rewa All Stars took home the Most Outstanding Performance at the Hip Hop International New Zealand Megaschools Street Dance Competition.

The video of the routine has since received more than 200,000 views.

Two of the student leaders from the dance crew, Iavana Seuala and Nese Godinet, joined The Project team to talk about the dance.

They say the dance took months of rehearsal, from auditions in February to the competition in April.

Nese tells The Project it was the different characters and the '90s hip-hop influences that drew them to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

"I think this is one way for our school to portray how good south Auckland is, especially Manurewa. Manurewa hard, 'Rewa proud," Iavana says.

"We just wanted to showcase something that was different and the talent in Manurewa as well. In the media we're not looked highly and we just wanted to show anyone we can do it, we can make it," Nese says.

Nese says the students in the dance team have since found themselves with a lot of new Facebook friend requests.

The Project team even brought on the Dancing With The Stars NZ judges, who each gave the Rewa All Stars a perfect 10.