Mark Richardson calls for nuclear-powered transport

  • 04/06/2018

Mark Richardson has put forward the idea that New Zealand shouldn't bother with electric vehicles, but rather focus on nuclear-powered transport.

The broadcaster made the suggestion on Three's The Project NZ, following a segment with a family which is testing an electric car and two electric bikes.

"The problem with these electric vehicles, which is you know, people just assume this is the future, [but] let's do it properly - it's about time we started looking at nuclear power again," Richardson said.

When co-host Kanoa Lloyd questioned what he was talking about, Richardson said the vehicles on Star Wars are nuclear-powered and they go very fast.

Co-host Jeremy Corbett reminded him that the Star Wars movies are not documentaries.

Traditional electric vehicles take too long to get to a destination and require people to stop too often, said Richardson.

Corbett said perhaps the need to recharge an electric vehicle allows drivers to stop and enjoy the ride, but Richardson had a suggestion for something better.

"Bang a bit of plutonium in there, you're going top to bottom [of the country] in three hours."