Netsafe's warning after New Zealand man Troy George Skinner shot after online chat

Netsafe is urging parents to talk to their kids about the conversations they have online.

The advice follows a New Zealand man, Troy George Skinner, being arrested in America. He allegedly broke into a Virginia home, looking for a 14-year-old he met online. Skinner was shot in the neck by the girl's mother.

Police believe 25-year-old Skinner was blocked by the girl, and made other online accounts in an attempt to keep talking.

Netsafe CEO Martin Cocker says it's often hard to cut off online friendships.

"If they are harassing you there are laws against that," he says.

"It's certainly difficult to apply those internationally, but it's certainly worth talking to the police and Netsafe."

Mr Cocker says you'll always share information online - but it's important to only share selective parts. He warns this is an important reminder to keep personal information to yourself.

"Clearly, not sharing your actual location unless you genuinely intend for them to come and see you and not providing them with the kind of information that would enable them to find out where you are, is a start," he says.

He urges parents to discuss online behaviour with their children.

"The most important question to ask is 'how do you know'," he says.

"Ask them 'how do you know that person is legitimate'. Get them to think critically."

Skinner is expected to recover.


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