Pay boost for care and support workers

  • 01/07/2018

Care and support workers are getting another pay rise on Sunday.

Last year's equal pay settlement for the sector means annual increases up until 2021.

E tū union delegate Shannon Crowley says it's a massive win.

"I feel like this just sends a clear message that they are valued and the work they do is valuable. Ten, 15 years' experience - you can't buy that sort of thing."

The $2 billion deal affects the pay of more than 50,000 mostly female workers.

Ms Crowley says they needed this boost because New Zealand has an ageing population.

"The Government has sent a clear message that it values support workers and the work we do. I think that across the board, this is going to happen for other female-dominated industries as well."

Ms Crowley expects more young people to enter the industry as a result.

"It's a massive win and it took seven years… but it all feels like it was worth it, today."

Kristine Bartlett, who fronted the campaign for equal pay, was made a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in June.

She said the accolades were an acknowledgement of the work carried out by thousands of supporters and the unions.

"We all worked together collectively - I could not have done this alone," she said. "So this recognition goes to all of those who really deserve it."

Full details of the new pay rates are available on the Ministry of Health's website.