Police dive squad turns 50

The Police national dive squad is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Former members are gathering to celebrate the squad, which was started in 1967. Since then, 85 officers have joined the ranks.

Snr Sgt Bruce Adams says while the job is underwater, the police ethos remains the same.

"It goes right back to the basics of policing - empathising with victims and doing what you can to help people when they are in a time of need, and going through some of the worst things that could possibly happen."

All living members of the original squad will be attending the festivities in Petone on Saturday.

Snr Sgt Adams says advancing technology has made a difference over those 50 years.

"It's certainly got safer for the team - you can give anyone thousands of dollars' worth of equipment, but it's still the person that needs to drive it and operate it to its potential."