Police dog Kosmo, stabbed in the line of duty, back at work

Kosmo, the police dog who received a life-saving blood transfusion after being stabbed is back on the beat.

Four-year-old Kosmo sustained a four centimetre long cut to his throat while responding to family harm incident in Kaiapoi last month. The cut narrowly missed his carotid artery. 

He was flown to Christchurch by rescue helicopter and taken to a 24-hour-vet by ambulance, where he received the life saving transfusion from another dog.

Wednesday was the first day back on the job for Kosmo following the gruesome attack.

Dog handler Constable Regan Turner previously told Newshub he thought Kosmo was going to die after the incident.

"It's not a feeling I want to experience again," he said.

"Despite me calling his name and trying to get him back to me, he just didn't have enough energy to move. 

"They tell me if we found him a little bit later it probably wouldn't be the same outcome. That was my first fear really."

29-year-old Joshua Luke Cooper has been charged with stabbing Kosmo.

Cooper pleaded not guilty via video link in the Christchurch District Court on Monday.

He has been remanded in custody and will be considered for bail next Monday.


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