Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's parents open up about new baby granddaughter

  • 22/06/2018

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's parents Laurell and Ross Ardern have opened up about the birth of their new granddaughter.

Ross says they are "tremendously proud" of their daughter and "welcome with open arms this new contribution to the world".

"We are full of pride and joy and hope for this child and we know that in Jacinda and Clark's hands, our new granddaughter will have a wonderful future."

Speaking from Nelson, the grandparents say while they're yet to meet their new granddaughter but the photos they've seen show "a beautiful baby girl".

"In one of the photos, the baby was looking up at Jacinda and it looked like she was in awe of her... I'm dying to see her and hold her and see what she's like," Laurell said.

She spoke to her daughter for a few minutes last night, and said "she sounded very relaxed and excited".

They're both confident Mr Gayford will be a great stay-at-home father.

"I think he'll do a wonderful job. He's been planning, reading, looking forward to it. He's up for all sorts of challenges and I think this will be just another challenge that he'll meet head on and be able to manage very well," Ross said.

"He's so easy going, I'm sure he'll handle it," said Laurell.

As for their advice for the new parents, Ross says: "Get plenty of sleep, be patient, look out for each other and care about each other and just do the best you can."