Queenstown man makes incredible professional advert to sell car

Have you ever had trouble trying to get rid of your car? 

Take a leaf out of Nathan Chan's book and make a professional advert. 

Shot in Queenstown, Mr Chan has gone a step further than the average punter to sell his 1992 Lexus ES300.

"I'm actually just trying to sell the car because I'm trying to purchase a motorcycle," he told Newshub.  

The homemade ad even includes professional-looking aerial footage of the car cruising picturesque South Island highways.

Since posting the video to social media, it has received thousands of views. 

Over the top of the expertly produced video, Mr Chan narrates: "This is Lexus ES300 - definitely used since 1992, also known as the moving coach or the swag wagon.

"It features a speedometer so you can tell exactly how many kilometres over the limit you are currently travelling while you're on your way to work. 

"But most importantly this car will bring a smile to your face... a big smile."

Mr Chan confesses that he was inspired by a fellow American who filmed a used car commercial for his girlfriend who was trying to sell her 1996 Honda Accord last year. 

"Just taking off the inspiration, I wanted to see if I could do something similar."

And while the response has been phenomenal, he still hasn't sold the 'swag wagon'.

"A lot people have commented on it or talked to me, just talking about how impressive it's been or just how it's made them laugh, and that's been really cool.

"The best part is just being approached by random strangers asking if I'm like 'the swag wagon guy' and that's been cool for sure."

For a sweet $1999 you can pick up arguably the most comfortable car in New Zealand, Mr Chan says.

"A Lexus is actually a bit of a luxury car and that's what kind of makes it super nice. It being a 1992 [car] definitely feels primo even though it's a bit of a older car."


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