Southland man hospitalised after vicious Rottweiler attack

  • 10/06/2018
The attack occurred on Great North Rd.
The attack occurred on Great North Rd. Photo credit: Google Maps

A man had to be rushed to hospital after being attacked by a pair of what police have been told were "fully grown Rottweilers" in Southland.

The dog attack, which took place just after 1:20pm on Sunday in the small town of Winton, north of Invercargill, saw the man suffer moderate injuries.

The incident happened on Great North Rd, between Gow St and Russell St, and the victim was taken into a house by a local until an ambulance arrived.

The Southland District Council dog control was notified.

One of the two dogs that inflicted the man's injuries has now been captured by the council, but the other remains unaccounted for.

Police are urging anyone who sees what appears to be a female Rottweiler in the vicinity of Winton to call them on 111.

They remain in the area working with the council to locate the dog and to provide reassurance to residents nearby.

Police have thanked members of the public who intervened to help the victim.