Tesla sets up first ever New Zealand store in Auckland

The world's most high profile electric car company has finally set up shop in New Zealand.

Tesla's flagship store opened Thursday morning in Auckland on the corner of Karangahape Rd and Hereford St in central Auckland. The brand launched its official Kiwi distributorship back in February 2017.  

But for a car company that sells vehicles, the store is said to have been designed to educate more than sell.  

"It's more about education than sales, so we intentionally call our stores 'stores' rather than 'dealerships', because it's a different experience when you come into a Tesla store," a spokesperson told Newshub. 

Yes, you can buy a car, but unlike most other car yards - there's no negotiation.

Order one of the new Teslas and you can get delivery within three months. There are demonstrator models available, but there is no haggling with Tesla - the price is fixed, even for the demo models. 

The cost is what an algorithm says it is, and that starts at $129,000 for a Model S.

You can have your Tesla services at the store, use the free chargers and also buy a Tesla house battery and solar panels. But one thing you can't buy is the mass market lower cost Model 3 Tesla.

Tesla has been struggling to meet its promised 5000 cars a week production target - although it's likely to happen this month.

"This is like, I tell you, the most excruciating, hellish several months I've maybe ever had," Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has said. 

The high demand could see the company become profitable. But don't expect be driving away a Model 3 anytime soon. 

"You can put down $1500 which is fully refundable and that gets you a position in line," said the spokesperson. That line is long.

Left hand drive Model 3's are being shipped in the US and Canada. A right hand drive version will be made next year, but there's no date for when it will be available here.