The Warehouse's hilarious and dramatic response to dryer mishap

A Wellington writer who wanted nothing more in life than a clothes dryer from The Warehouse has led to a hilarious exchange involving the store itself on Facebook.

Emily Writes posted her tragic tale to Facebook after ordering the dryer from the store only to be told it was out of stock.

"Dear The Warehouse,

"I need you to know that you've hurt me. You've hurt me deeply. I thought I couldn't be hurt this way but it turns out I can."

She says she's "yearned for a dryer" since the day she was born.

"As the years continued to just go on and on in a relentless and never ending cycle of months I lived a half-life without a dryer.

"I collected children and clothes horses.

"There was so much washing The Warehouse.

"I feel like you don't know how much washing there was The Warehouse.

"There was so much."

Her near-1000-word essay detailed how the Warehouse called her to say the dryer was not in stock, even though she "saw it with her own eyes" when she went in store.

"Was I hallucinating with joy?

"Please give me my dryer.


It gathered more than 2600 likes and 600 comments within the first two days of it being posted - including an equally lengthy and dramatic response from the store itself.

"Dear Emily,

"Your story is the greatest story of all time.

"Is it a coincidence that if you rearrange the letters in dryer (then remove some, then add some others) you get desirable? We don't think so."

The Warehouse described the situation as a "monumental messup" on their part, promising to give her more than just a replacement dryer.

"Our dryer was ready for you.

"YOUR dryer was ready for you.

"One detail that we'll be really happy to tell you upfront is that your dryer won't cost you a cent. Not a single cent. We're giving you a fine Ruffalo… sorry, we mean a full refund.

"You've carried your dryer in your heart for so long, and we've let you down right when you needed us the most, so we're going to make sure your dryer that belongs to you, Emily Writes of Wellington and definitely not of Auckland, lives in your laundry room as well as in your heart.

"As you will live in ours."

The Warehouse's response to Emily Writes on Facebook.
The Warehouse's response to Emily Writes on Facebook. Photo credit: Facebook

Less than a day later, The Warehouse's response already has nearly 5000 likes.


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