'Typical Porirua': Road worker caught dancing on the job

If you were lucky enough to be driving in Porirua on Saturday afternoon, you may have caught a glimpse of an unusually energetic roadworker.

Zane Hair was passing through the Wellington suburb when he spotted a man dancing with his stop-go sign. 

The Whanganui local managed to capture the worker dancing enthusiastically as he directed traffic in an unorthodox manner. 

"He must have been going for about 10 minutes. We were waiting for a while so the traffic build-up was pretty big.

"It was pretty cool. We gave each other a wave as we went past.

"He definitely wasn't playing up for the camera, he was just having a bit of fun," Mr Hair told NZME, adding that it was "typical Porirua sort of stuff".

Mr Hair told NZME it was clear the road worker wasn't dancing for his workmates, as they were quite a distance away from him.

People online have reacted warmly to the video, with one viewer even saying it made them miss New Zealand.



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