Victim speaks out about horrific Auckland dairy attack

A mother and son have been left with shocking injuries after an Auckland dairy attack, and ten days on one of the victims has spoken to Newshub about what happened.

It had been a normal, peaceful, evening at the family's Hylite Dairy in Grey Lynn on June 19.

But the 36-year behind the counter says he can't stop replaying the horrifying moment when, from the corner of his eye, he spotted a man walking behind the counter holding a knife.

He said he walked "In a calmly manner, very slowly. And he didn't say anything. Just started stabbing."

The man backed into a corner and fought desperately to fend the attacker off. 

But he was stabbed four times and at one point the stabber reached for the till. Then the man's 62-year-old mother who had been at the back of the shop spotted the struggle, and rushed in to try to save her son.

She, too, was stabbed in the stomach before the attacker fled empty handed. The whole attack took just 25 seconds and it was only in the aftermath, as he tried to stop the blood flow with his hands, that the shopkeeper realised how badly injured he was.

Ten days on, the man is still in hospital. Of his four stab wounds, those on the chest and abdomen are the most serious.   

He has fluid-filled lungs and trouble breathing, while his mother has a stomach wound and is having her shoulder replaced. 

It's a sacrifice her daughter Sonali says she shouldn't have had to make.  

But the family wanted the public to know the reality that New Zealand shop workers face.

"If my mother hadn't have been there, I think the guy would have stabbed him to death," Sonali said.

A 16-year-old and a 27-year old have been charged over the attack.

Sonali wants people to know just how much her brother is struggling.  

"Whenever I see him - I get angry. Whenever I see my mum and all the pain she is going through at the moment - it is making me angry."

After 15 years of owning the dairy in relative peace - the attack has torn the family's life apart.

For now, they say all they can focus on is recovery.