42 domestic violence, 25 sexual assault charges against police

Documents released to Newshub show there have been 42 charges of domestic violence laid against police since 1995.

There have also been 25 charges of sexual assault.

Of the 67 charges, 65 were for men and two for women - both for domestic violence.

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Acting Police Minister Andrew Little says as the enforcers of our laws, police shouldn't be breaking them.

"No police officer convicted of offending or charged with offending is ever a good look. They're a large organisation, there are always going to be bad apples, but in the end, they are charged in enforcing the law, so we expect that they know it, and we expect they will comply with it.

"We have a lot of work to do to really deal with this insidious question of domestic violence in this country it is feeding a lot of problems."

But the actual Police Minister is backing his force. Stuart Nash, who is overseas, said in a statement that police should not be judged on a select few.

"This should not be taken as a reflection the vast majority of police who do live up to our high expectations. There are thousands of men and women who work extremely hard to make our communities safe every day.

"I expect all police, both officers and civilian staff, to obey the law. The vast majority do."

Counties Manakau District has 10 charges in total, the most for any region.

In a statement, national manager of police professional conduct Supt Anna Jackson said it was disappointing.

"Counties Manukau is the largest police district in New Zealand with just under 1300 staff. For comparison, Northland has approximately 448 staff and Tasman 438.

"It is disappointing for police when any staff demonstrate behaviour that is not consistent with our values, such as the eight staff who have been charged in Counties Manukau over the last 23 years.

"If police become aware of any incident we carry out a thorough investigation and appropriate action will be taken, which is reflected by these numbers.

National's police spokesman Chris Bishop says the vast majority of police do a fantastic job, however there will always be bad eggs.

"You'd hope that police officers that are charged and convicted of these offences are not dealing with family violence, it's an appalling scourge on New Zealand society. Police respond on average to a family violence callout about every five minutes, and you'd hope the officers that have been convicted of these offenses are not on the front line of duty for the work.

"Just reinforces to me we do need to create that culture change around the whole of New Zealand society but also in the New Zealand police Force as well.