At least 120 jobs lost as The Warehouse adjusts leadership structure

  • 23/07/2018

At least 120 full-time employees at The Warehouse will have their positions terminated due to company restructuring.

Between 120 and 140 full-time jobs will be lost across 92 stores nationwide as the result of adjustments to its leadership structure, it was announced on Monday.

The Warehouse says the company will try to move as many of these staff members into vacant roles as possible. In recent weeks permanent vacancies have been held open for employees who will lose their positions.

On Monday every impacted employee met with their store manager to discuss their future. Free counselling sessions have been offered to the affected staff members as well as their families.

CEO Pejman Okhovat says the restructuring of company leadership is the first of its kind in 15 years for The Warehouse.

"Retail and customer behaviour is changing like never before, so we need to evolve from a traditional, hierarchal structure to one that is fit for the future and the ever-shifting needs of Kiwis."

He says the new leadership structure will benefit both employees and customers in increasing staffing levels at peak times, creating better leadership support during trading hours, improving sick and holiday cover and leading to "better-defined" career pathways for staff members.

The restructuring is the result of a three-week review of feedback from both store managers and team members.