Auckland's new goal: Jobs, not 'world's most liveable city'

Making Auckland "the world's most liveable city" is no longer the goal of the council's economic development agency, ATEED.

Instead, its goal is to increase the number of meaningful jobs, especially for people in the more deprived areas of south and west Auckland.  

In its Statement of Intent 2018-2021, ATEED sets out its purpose as to support the growth of "quality jobs for all Aucklanders." 

The "world's most liveable city" has been a shared vision across Auckland Council agencies since former Mayor Len Brown introduced the goal in 2010. 

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has been indicating the "liveable city" slogan would be phased out for some months now, telling NZME in October "people laugh" when they hear the slogan.

Mr Goff's vision for Auckland is an "inclusive and diverse city where talent and enterprise can thrive".

For ATEED, the previous "liveable city" slogan meant a focus on growing the GDP, increasing export growth and improving productivity. 

Now, ATEED chief executive Nick Hill tells Stuff, there will likely be a focus on jobs in construction and other trades.

"Jobs that are leading people somewhere - that means they can gain skills and develop, not just going from one fast food chain to another, then back to the dole."