Auckland woman's mission to help the homeless by handing out blankets and ponchos

It's been just over a year since Keith Johnson was found lifeless on a bench in South Auckland.

Ten days later, and just meters away, Haami Manahi was discovered on the steps of a church. 

Both men were homeless, both died while battling the cold winter.

Life on the street takes a toll - food's sparse and drug and alcohol addiction is rampant. In the damp, cold winter it can be just too much for someone. 

That's where heroes like RāWiri Community House manager Liz Kirinoa come in.

"By just handing out a sleeping bag, a poncho, a blanket, it may not save a life but at least it will give them a bit of warmth," she says.

Ms Kirinoa is hitting the road in a car packed with warm blankets, sleeping bags, ponchos, hats and scarves to hand out to South Auckland's homeless. 

She's is blown away by the community's generocity.

"We have more donations coming through than workers. So we're going round the clock I can just about tell you, we're just about going round the clock to make it happen." 

For the full story with The Project team watch the video above.


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