Aucklanders report feeling increasingly unsafe on Queen Street

Aucklanders have reported feeling increasingly unsafe as they make their way along Queen Street, but police say crime is not on the rise in the central city.

An Auckland woman who works near K Rd says over the past month she says she's seen two muggings, multiple fights involving people who are sleeping on the streets, and people taking drugs on Queen St.

She said even when walking home at around 6pm she doesn't feel safe, and in a thread she started on Reddit several Aucklanders shared their own experiences.

A woman reported being recently chased by a man on Mayoral Drive and a man on Hobson St on two separate occasions.

Another woman, using the name easternmoonlight, said: "I lived in Auckland in 2016, and there was a time when I walked alone from K Rd to Quay St at dawn and didn't feel unsafe doing so. (I'm female.) However, last month, I visited again and for the first time I felt unsafe walking along Queen Street even in broad daylight. It's really sad that what used to be a wonderful walk is turning into a shithole."

Gingamax said: "I'm on/around Queen St for 8 hours a day for work, and have been since 2005. This new crop of streeties are the most open with drug and alcohol use and easily the most violent I've known."

But police say there has been no recent increase in the number of fights, assaults or street robberies in the central Auckland area.

Auckland Central Police area commander inspector Gary Davey told Newshub: "Police do not agree that Queen Street is becoming more unsafe given there were 100 less serious crime victimisations over the last year, compared to the previous year.

"Auckland is a relatively safe city, but as with all cities, we do have a level of crime where people need to take reasonable precautions to prevent becoming a victim of crime."

He said police advise people walking in the Auckland CBD at night to use streets that are well lit, and avoid back streets, darker alleys and parks. They should stay alert and be aware of their surroundings, and contact police if they see any criminal offending.