Ebert Construction firm goes into receivership

An Ebert Construction contractor says he's "pretty unimpressed" after finding out about the company's receivership through the media.

The construction company went into receivership after struggling with poorly performing projects in Auckland.

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"My wife heard it on the news, so pretty unimpressed. I thought one of the boys would have given me a heads up," Ebert subcontractor Dave Nicholson, who owns Hardware Direct, told RadioLIVE.

Ebert Construction firm goes into receivership
Photo credit: Newshub

Mr Nicholson, who's worked with the company for about 20 years, claims he's $180,000 out of pocket.

He said he received a non-compliance letter about two weeks ago and agreed to go and finish some work at a site.

"I was simply not working on the job because they owed me money. So as a gentleman's handshake I went in and finished the work like a f***ing  idiot."

He says he's been taken advantage of, and doesn't expect to get any money back.

"We're going to through this whole process and they're going to offer me  f***ing ten cents on the dollar and then I'll never ever see a dime of that either, but that's construction isn't it. That's the way it works."

Ebert Construction firm goes into receivership
Photo credit: Newshub

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) receivers were appointed to Ebert Construction last night.

Ebert's board and senior management team had been working to improve poorly performing projects in the Auckland region, PwC said in a statement.

Last week the company was advised of "substantial increases" in the expected costs of the projects.

The company's directors then decided that it could no longer continue trading.

"We are committed to doing the best we can for the staff, subcontractors and suppliers of Ebert. We will work closely with all parties involved with the contracts in progress to determine the best way forward," receiver John Fisk said.

Ebert Construction's projects include high-rise accommodation, large-scale retail buildings, warehouses, and agricultural facilities.