First Kiwi to kayak the Tasman nearing NZ

The first footage of trans-tasman kayaker Scott Donaldson powering towards NZ shows he's had interesting company on his two month journey from Australia. 

The 48-year-old is now 65km off the coast of New Plymouth and is expected to make landfall at Ngamotu beach late on Monday.

Scott Donaldson's support team, who have just returned from dropping off supplies, took cellphone footage showing gannets surrounding the former Rotorua man in calm seas.

"Scott found some company, he's paddling 18-20 hours a day, and sleeping just 4-6 hours a night," says spokesman Freddy Foote. 

He's aiming to be the first person to cross the Tasman solo in a kayak; his first attempt was thwarted in 2014 when he was injured in big seas just 80km from New Zealand. 

Mr Donaldson's wife Sarah and eight-year-old son Zac will have "pies and a beer" waiting when he comes ashore.  

The kayaker is raising funds for asthma research, as his son has the condition.