How a woman made $1.1 million from $35 at Auckland casino

  • 26/07/2018
How a woman made $1.1 million from $35 at Auckland casino
Photo credit: SKYCITY Auckland

A woman has become an instant millionaire after being dealt a hand with extremely small odds at the SkyCity Casino in central Auckland.

Playing Caribbean Stud Poker on Wednesday night, the anonymous woman bet $35 on a hand that ended up being a Royal Flush - a rarity with odds of 649,740 to one.

SkyCity Auckland said the incredible hand won her the entire jackpot, and she was soon handed a cheque for a whopping $1,108,585.60.

SkyCity group chief operating officer Michael Ahearne said staff had been left blown away at the win.

"This is certainly a case of right place, right hand, as the progressive jackpot has not been this big for more than seven years," he said in a statement.

"It's fantastic to see a SkyCity player walk away with such a win from a single hand. The news of this win has staff buzzing and it's all they can talk about today."

SkyCity says the woman's table was full at the time and the other players were left hugely excited by her win.

"She gave a small amount of money to all the other players at her table, which was a lovely gesture," the staffer working on the table at the time said.

The Caribbean Stud Poker progressive jackpot has now reset at $286,000.

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