Hoyts workers told they will face lockout if they strike for better pay

  • 07/07/2018
Hoyts cinema
Hoyts cinema Photo credit: Hoyts Wikipedia.

Unite Union will protest on Saturday on behalf of Hoyts workers who were told they would be locked out for an entire month if they strike for even a minute.

In what has been deemed the "popcorn strike", the union will be handing out free popcorn outside of Sylvia Park Hoyts, Hamilton Hoyts and Christchurch's Riccarton Hoyts from 2pm on Saturday.

Workers at Hoyts currently earn $16.50 an hour and have been told they must accept an offer that will mean they will be paid the minimum wage or near to it.

Staff can earn 21 cents above the minimum wage after working 360 hours for the company and then another 32 cents after 18 months.

Unite have said the protest is to highlight the low wages compared to the profits of the tickets and candy bar purchases.

Currently an adult ticket at Hoyts costs $19 and popcorn costs $7.90 for just small, costing only cents to make.

Hoyts is owned by Chinese Dalian Wanda group, one of the wealthiest companies in the world, and owner Wang Jianlin - one of the richest people in the world - is worth an estimated $57 billion.


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