IRD warns people not to fall for sophisticated email scam making the rounds

  • 18/07/2018

Inland Revenue is warning people of a sophisticated email scam that is currently doing the rounds. 

The email claims the recipient is due a large tax refund and asks them to click on a link that takes them to another website where it can supposedly be claimed.

Inland Revenue has received about 700 notifications of the current scam.

The email looks very convincing but there some details that give away the scammer's game, Inland Revenue Chief Information security officer Doug Hammond says.

"Firstly look where the email is from. If it doesn't come from an address that ends with then be very suspicious.

"Secondly look at the link where they are trying to direct people to claim the refund. Hover over the link with your mouse and make sure the web address is for a real Inland Revenue website. Don't click on it."

IRD warns people not to fall for sophisticated email scam making the rounds
Photo credit: Inland Revenue

Inland Revenue frequently sends emails but customers should be aware of what a fraudulent one looks like.

"The same scammers look to be making multiple attempts to lure unsuspecting customers and have been using the same messaging sent from a number of email addresses.

"We would never send anyone an email with a hyperlink to a webpage that asks you to submit your personal information so be vigilant about any correspondence with those instructions."

If people have clicked on the link and handed over personal details they should contact their bank immediately, Mr Hammond says.