Lowest of the low, Newshub cruises with Hamilton's low riders

You might have seen them in a Snoop Dogg or Dr Dre music video - the shining rims, the lush interiors and of course the bouncing hydraulics - but low-rider culture isn't just about the cars. It's the clothes, the music, self-expression, and it didn't begin with gangster rap.

Low-riding can be traced back to post-war America, when a rise in vehicle ownership saw youth car cultures take to the streets.

Hot rodding was about modifying your vehicle to go fast; low-riding was the opposite - low and slow.

For Hamilton low-rider crew Canales, it's about bringing a little slice of Southern California to the Central Waikato.

We went down to Hamilton to see how the sun-kissed swagger of low-rider culture fit in, in The Tron.

Watch the video for the full report.