Man who supplied guns to killer Quinn Patterson should be jailed - survivor

A man who survived Quinn Patterson's deadly shooting rampage says Michael Hayes, who supplied the killer with firearms, should be in jail.

Hayes was sentenced to 12 months home detention for supplying firearms to the double murderer.

Jeff Pipe was with the two women Patterson killed and says he's "very disappointed" with the sentence, saying it's "not a biggie".

In court on Friday, Hayes' serious transgressions on returning from duty to New Zealand were made clear.

"The offender has demonstrated what can be described as a total disregard for the restrictions on the access and use of firearms here in New Zealand," said crown lawyer Richard Annadale.

Hayes left six guns at Patterson's rental home, after visiting the property to do some target practice.

"You decided to just leave them with him even there even though you knew he was not a fit and proper person to have guns," the judge said.

Hayes also allowed Patterson to use his gun licence number so he could bid for weapons on TradeMe.

Patterson, who never had a gun licence, would eventually go on to shoot and kill Wendy Campbell Rodgers and her daughter Natanya Campbell when they knocked on the door asking to install some fire alarms.

His body was discovered after the shooting in the burnt out remains of the property.

Among the guns Hayes left at Patterson's place were three military-style weapons, including a modified Chinese AK-47, which Hayes was not licenced to have.

One gun had a magazine capable of firing 100 rounds.

"The way you modified those three firearms, there could be only one purpose apart from target shooting and that is to kill people," the judge said.

However, importantly, the police could not prove that the gun used to kill Ms Campbell Rodgers and Ms Campbell was in fact one of Hayes' weapons.

The Court heard Patterson had acquired other guns independent of Hayes as well as a number of combat-related items.

"Tactical knives, hunting knives, tactical glasses, camera surveillance equipment," said his lawyer Arthur Fairley.

Mr Pipe is a contractor who was with Ms Campbell Rodgers and Ms Campbell on the day they died. He was also shot by Patterson, but managed to escape.

"Twelve months home detention. It's not a biggie is it," he said.

"At the end of the day I was very disappointed I suppose," he said. "[He should be jailed] for what he did... He was supplying weapons that required an E-category licence."

Hayes no longer has possession of any guns, nor will he be allowed them in the future.