Mark Richardson likes Napier, but hates art deco

Mark Richardson has admitted while he thinks Napier is a cool place, he can't bring himself to like the art deco style the coastal city is famous for.

The rebuild of Napier after it was devastated in the 1931 Hawke's Bay 7.8 magnitude earthquake took place when art deco's popularity was at its height.

Host Duncan Garner said Christchurch could learn from Napier about how to rebuild after an earthquake, but joked it should avoid the art deco style because Richardson doesn't like it.

Richardson said even after visiting Napier while The AM Show is on tour there, he can't bring himself to like it.

"It is a cool place and there is a lesson here for Christchurch to create something, they have the opportunity to create something like what they've created here," he said.

"But I went home and my mum said: 'oh you upset a lot of people when you said you don't like art deco', well I came here with an open mind this time round, I'm sorry I still don't like it."

Co-host Amanda Gillies strongly disagreed with him and asked why he didn't like it and he clarified his problem was with the shape of the buildings.

"I don't get it," he said. "They just look like square blocks, there's no angles... sorry I don't get it."