Meet the plucky two-year old Kiwi kid defying the doctors

If Maddie Blitvich could speak she would tell you her favourite stuffed toy was Elmo and a pink monkey.

But she can’t talk. She can’t do a lot of things other kids her age can.

When she was born doctors gave her just two weeks to live. She is now two-years old.

“She is amazing, absolutely amazing” mum Rachel says.

“Her strength, her fight, her personality. She is just an amazing, amazing child. I couldn’t be prouder.”

Maddie was born with a rare genetic condition called type 2 Pfeiffer syndrome, which affects around one in 100,000 babies.

She has constant medical care and has already had a number of surgeries.

And yet she has beaten the odds every single day.

“I never knew a girl as strong as Maddie,’ mum says.  

Her unbelievable spirit has baffled doctors and inspired people across the world.

And her bravery is sure to continue to inspire.

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