National Party vows to reinstate charter schools

The National Party has vowed to reinstate charter schools if re-elected.

The current Government has scrapped the model, but in his opening remarks at the National Party conference, leader Simon Bridges said he backed the system 100 percent.

"We will reinstate partnership schools within one year of returning to office," he said.

The likes of South Auckland Middle School were forced to change or close.  

Villa Education Trust academic adviser Alwyn Poole says supporters will keep fighting.

"We fight hard for our schools, and right now we're fighting to keep them open next year."

National wants them open, and wants more of them.

"I'm not suggesting by any stretch you will have 100 or something like that," said Mr Bridges.

"We're projecting it could go from 11 to 25 schools in our first term," said National MP Nikki Kaye. 

National wants to broaden the schools' scope, allowing schools with a specialist focus.

"Our schools are thriving and working well," says Mr Poole. "We want the opportunity to have more."

Mr Bridges is giving the stage to charter schools - his first big pitch to the party faithful.