'New Zealand can be a leader on climate change' - WWF

  • 16/07/2018

An environmental group believes the country is making strides in the fight against climate change.

A new poll has found 43-percent of people surveyed agree with how the government is tracking on the issue.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) spokesperson, David Tong, says we've come a long way.

"New Zealanders are overwhelmingly recognising that climate change is a problem that we are causing, and that we have the power to fix it," he told Newshub.

"With the government's new promised target of net zero emissions by 2050, we're proving that we can be a leader again."  

Mr Tong says it's pleasing so many people are starting to think about climate change.

Insurance company IAG interviewed Kiwis on their views on climate change, which they say could hit coastal communities the hardest.

This comes after Sunday's wild weather toppled the Captain Cook monument at Cook's Beach in the Coromandel, which fell into the sea as a result of the high tides eroding the coastline.

Of the 1000 New Zealanders polled, 88 percent think we will see more severe floods, storms and inundation as a result of climate change.

Eighty-four percent agree humanity is able to reduce climate change, but just 10 pecent think we will take appropriate action.

Seventy-nine percent agree we need to start taking action now, and 78 percent think we need to act even if other countries don't.

Seventy-four percent believe climate change will result in people needing to move from where they live now.