Plan to re-enter Pike River more expensive than expected

A plan to re-enter Pike River mine has been presented to families, but the price-tag could be up to $12 million more than budgeted.

The proposal, which is being referred to as a concept plan, was on Saturday given to families of the 29 men killed in the November 2010 methane blast. They will consider the plan over the weekend.

The plan is reportedly very complex, although experts did believe still possible, said Pike River Re-Entry Minister Andrew Little.

The plan could cost $12 million more than the budgeted $23 million, Stuff reports.

Mr Little says he hopes that, with the families' permission, he can give it the go-ahead on Monday.

He says he would be surprised if the families do not support it, believing they should be happy with the plan, which could see the project begin by the end of the year.

The Government set up the Pike River Recovering Agency earlier this year to manage and plan for a safe re-entry of the mine's drift access tunnel.

Police announced last month they would be launching a new investigation into the explosion, five years on from closing the initial one.