Poll: Would you rather see Wellington's Matariki fireworks or the whale

  • 05/07/2018

Wellington's Matariki fireworks display may be under threat after a rare southern right whale decided to take up residence in the harbour.

Wellington City Council is warning the surprise appearance could have a drastic impact on this weekend's display. It's taking advice from whale experts over the effects the large explosions could have.

"We understand concerns re the timing of #SkyShow18 on Sat while a southern right whale is visiting Wellington harbour," it says on Twitter.

"No decision has been made yet but we are monitoring the situation along with @docgovtnz and will be taking advice from them, we'll keep you updated."

But this has divided the city, with people battling over whether the whale's rights to a peaceful harbour outweigh the public's enjoyment of a fireworks display.

"No guarantees or even reason to think a whale would even vaguely care or hear or notice fireworks...... let alone get 'traumatized'," one person commented on social media.

"I love this casual conversation starter 'yeah Wellington didn't have fireworks last year... because WE HAD A FREAKING WHALE IN OUR HARBOUR!'" another said.

One person questioned why the Council would change the fireworks date just for a whale when there's plenty of other life in that harbour that it didn't mind deafening.

What do you think? Whale or fireworks? Take part in the poll below.