Faecal blunders close Christchurch's newly opened $38 million pool

Christchurch's new QEII pool has been dubbed the "QE Poo" pool after a flurry of 'code brown' closures since it opened in May. 

However Christchurch City Council says only a small number are because nappies aren't on.

Pools have been closed 20 times over the past 50 days due to faecal matter, and 10 times to vomit. Pools were closed twice after being contaminated with blood and twice for being contaminated by plant matter, figures released to Newshub show.

In one incident a faecal matter incident closed the toddlers' pool at QEII for almost 12 hours on June 6. 

On June 17, the pool was closed for close to 12 hours again after someone vomited. 

The former Commonwealth Games venue was damaged beyond repair after the city's earthquake, prompting a $38 million rebuild.

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel officially opened the new sports and recreation centre in Christchurch's eastern suburbs in May.

The pools' closures have led some people to lash out on social media, with some calling the pool "QE Poo".

Council's Head of Recreation, Sports & Events Nigel Cox said the council is focusing on educating caregivers on nappy use and getting kids to the toilet before swimming.

"The council asks people whose children use ordinary nappies to use swim nappies and to use the toilet before swimming," he told Newshub.

Reception staff check with caregivers of pre-schoolers on entry if they require a swim nappy. Learn-to-swim instructors also check with children prior to lessons if they need to go to toilet and small children are checked they are wearing nappies before swim class.

The council takes health and safety seriously and staff work hard to ensure that all council pools comply with the New Zealand Pool Water Quality Standards, Mr Cox said.

He said only a small percentage of pool closures are due to small children without nappies. 

"It is more common that the nappies have leaked, or that the closures are caused by older children or adults," he said.

"Therefore, our strategy is to try to educate caregivers to get their kids to use the toilet before swimming, as well as nappy use."

QEII has seen over 50,000 people using the pools during its first month of operation. 

The council's other pools - Graham Cordon, Jellie Park and Pioneer - have also had closures of the same nature. 

Graham Cordon had four closures due to faecal matter and two due to vomit from June 6 to July 17.

Jellie Park was closed three times and once from vomit from June 6 to July 7. 

Pioneer was closed six times due to faecal matter, once to vomit, twice due to plant contamination and once because of blood, from June 6 to July 7.