Scott Donaldson shocked after completing historic solo kayak across Tasman

Kiwi Scott Donaldson says he's in shock, after becoming the first person to solo kayak across the Tasman Sea.

He arrived on the shores of New Plymouth at about 8:40pm on Monday evening to fireworks and cheers from supporters gathered on Ngamotu Beach.

Mr Donaldson left Coffs Harbour in New South Wales six weeks ago. The trip has been a gruelling task, he says, as he was forced to see out a storm near Lord Howe Island. He says it has been an incredible but draining journey.

"It was difficult in every single area - every time you broke down it got difficult," Mr Donaldson said.

His wife Sarah Donaldson told Newshub before he landed it had been an emotional journey, but the family had put everything into making sure he made it across.

"We've invested everything into this - financial, emotional, just everything," said Ms Donaldson.

"We've absolutely got into doing this."

Mr Donaldson had attempted the crossing before, even getting within 100km of shore in 2014, before he needed to be rescued by a helicopter after he injured himself.