Striking teachers say pay rise offered is not enough

A classroom.
A classroom. Photo credit: Getty

A lack of recognition for learning support by the Government has triggered industrial action by teachers.

Primary school teachers and principals will strike in August for three hours after being offered a pay rise they say does not go far enough.

They are now discussing whether to extend it to a full-day strike, as some members don't think striking from 1:30pm to 4:30pm would send a strong enough message.

The pay rise offered ranges from a 6.1 percent increase for the top of the pay scale, which would have made the maximum teacher's salary about $80,600, to a 14.7 percent increase to the entry salary, bringing that to $55,030.

New Zealand Education Institute (NZEI) negotiator Liam Rutherford told Newshub teachers' current pay just isn't enough.

"Teachers around the country have been pretty universal in their commentary around the offer and overwhelmingly there was a feeling that it fell well short of what's needed to value teachers," he said.

Mr Rutherford said the current offer on the table failed to address the issues facing teachers.

"The offer's fallen well short of what's needed both in terms of the pay that is going to attract new profession [and] solutions to our chronic workload issues."