Teen worker sentenced over toilet selfie with elderly rest home resident

  • 12/07/2018
Nurse pushing patient in wheelchair
Photo credit: Getty

A teenage rest home worker who posted selfie with an elderly woman patient on the toilet on Instagram has been sentenced in Christchurch.

The woman was 18 when posted the picture, alongside a caption about how much she loved her job. 

However she did not realise through posting the picture the rest home and the woman's family could see it, Court News reports.

The woman, aged 88, had cognitive difficulties and has since died. 

"A lot of young people are really reckless with their cellphones. They do dumb things. This was a really dumb thing," Judge Jane Farish said in the Christchurch District Court.

The court heard how the woman was anxious and had a number of depressive episodes, Court News reports. 

Judge Farish said the posting was light-hearted, but the elderly woman's family were extremely angry with her.

The woman pleaded guilty last year but sought discharge without conviction in court on Thursday.

Judge Farish decided not to discharge her without conviction but agreed to name suppression.

The woman must also pay the elderly woman's family $500 for emotional harm.