'They didn't think about families': New fuel tax affects single income households

Auckland's new fuel tax went into play overnight and is already affecting families who depend on cars as transport.

Natalie Bannerman is a support worker in south Auckland and is upset and unimpressed with the tax. She told Newshub that the tax doesn't consider families like hers, a single-income household.

She says she currently drives around 60km to 70km each day taking her kids to school and getting herself to work. 

"I can't afford not to take my car out. I can't work and kids can't get to school or home, and bussing isn't an option with my work hours, nor is catching a train."

Ms Bannerman says the increase in fuel prices will cost her an extra $40 a week, and she has no idea where to find that money.

She believes food prices will rise too with the increase in fuel prices.

"I'm definitely going to have to make some cuts so I can afford to use my car. Where those cuts are I don't know."