UK woman's husband saved her life by finding cancerous mole in her leg

  • 17/07/2018
Bill and Sharon Tyrer
Bill and Sharon Tyrer Photo credit: Caters

A UK woman is telling people to get checked for skin cancer after her husband discovered a cancerous mole on her leg.

Sharon Tyrer went through a gruelling surgery and recovery process after she was diagnosed with melanoma in 2016, Caters reports.

UK woman's husband saved her life by finding cancerous mole in her leg
Photo credit: Caters

She puts her diagnosis down to her husband, 55-year-old renewable energy company co-director, Bill Tyrer, who spotted a cancerous mole when she was in her dressing gown.

"He took a closer look and then went on the internet pulling up information about skin cancer," she told Caters.

"He said that out of the list he was looking at I had three symptoms - the circumference had changed in size, it had irregular edges and changed in colour."

Initially she thought her husband was overreacting, but Ms Tyrer got the shock of her life when she found out he was right to be worried.

The GP referred her onto a dermatologist and after a biopsy it was confirmed she had melanoma.

Ms Tyrer underwent a sentinel node biopsy and had two lymph nodes in her groin area removed in October 2016.

She also had a skin graft to cover the 4x4 inch crater left behind after the mole was removed from her calf.

"That tiny innocuous freckle which was 'no problem at all' turned out to be quite sinister," she said.