Wellington whale continues to cause traffic problems

  • 08/07/2018

Wellington whale-watchers have caused significant traffic build-ups in the capital on Sunday afternoon, with drivers en route to the airport likely affected.

Despite pleas from police yesterday to be safe on the roads, the southern right whale is causing people to stop along Miramar Peninsula, adjacent to the airport.

One Wellington motorist told Newshub the heavy traffic is unusual in those parts.

Traffic in Miramar caused by whale watchers.
Traffic in Miramar caused by whale watchers. Photo credit: Newshub.

Another says they assumed there had been a crash, but once getting around the coast realised it was just road users taking their time whale-watching.

The southern right whale is currently at Evans Bay and has been spotted breaching and slapping its tail on the surface of the water.

It has been in the Wellington Harbour for several days - and it seems to have no plans to leave.


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