Auckland businesses give up straws

The Government is being urged to ban plastic straws, with proponents saying no one would miss them.

Auckland business association Uptown has removed them from the more than 100 cafes, bars and restaurants.

Uptown covers businesses in the Eden Terrace, Grafton and Mt Eden areas.

Helen Shrewsbury says other districts should follow suit.

"What's the point of using a straw in the first place? Give up plastic straws - it's a very simple, easy thing to do, and it will make a very big difference."

Environmental artist Brydee Rood says there is no excuse anymore.

"We just need to stop. Where legislation comes in handy is it does give people a real push."

She is turning the association's 15,000 leftover straws into an art display.

The move will eliminate around half a million straws a year.

"It's not going to cost a business any more to go plastic straw-free. People just don't want a straw," says Ms Shrewsbury.

It is the first Auckland area to have a plastic straw ban implemented by business.


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