Auckland Council report warns of horror dystopian future

  • 01/08/2018

Auckland could face a dark and dystopian future, with widespread poverty and violence consuming much of the city.

The grim scenario was prepared as part of the Auckland Plan 2050, a 30-year plan put online by Auckland Council on Monday.

The planning document outlines five alternative futures - and one of the worst options we could face is a "two speed Auckland".

"These are uncertain times," the Council warns. "There are a number of possible situations that are less positive."

In one future, massive technological disruption has hollowed out middle income families. Joblessness has doubled to 1980 levels, leading to massive inequality and a vicious crime wave. There is a "swathe of deprivation" running around the Manukau Harbour.

"Aucklanders report feeling unsafe during the day. Attacks on cyclists and people working late at night steadily rise. Parks are often no-go areas," the report states.

"Poorer and middle income communities have been forced to the edges of the city, spending much of their time and income commuting.

"Most of the more affluent suburbs have gated housing as people think this will make them more secure. Violence, burglaries and crime have risen again."

The climate of fear has infected everything from schools to businesses and community organisations.

"Schools are far less mixed. There is an edge of intolerance and resentment in the classroom," it says.

"Auckland's new employment centres are smaller, more dispersed, more isolated, uglier... smaller town centres such as Three Kings, Mt Albert and Birkenhead are blighted: the roller doors are down."

The other scenarios include sea level rises causing widespread flooding, mass-immigration causing a population boom to over 3.5 million people, Auckland turning into a global food-bowl - and finally, a future with an effective transport system.