Auckland winery launches NZ's first 'crowd-blended' rosé

An Auckland winery is launching New Zealand's first crowd-blended rosé.

After 14 years making wine, Peter Turner, head winemaker at The Hunting Lodge Winery, wants to try something a little different with crowd-blended rosé.

Crowd-blended wine is when the vineyard creates the wine based on what the public blends.

The winery trialled a crowd-blend last year with friends and family; and with it proving to be a hit, Mr Turner wants to do it again - but this time with 500 winemakers.

"We want to find out what New Zealanders want in terms of a rosé - there's a multitude of styles out there," he said.

According to Mr Turner, rosé is the wine of the moment - and while it appears New Zealanders are opting for paler, dryer rosés, he wants to give Kiwis a chance to have their say.

There will be three base rosés sent to the lucky members of the public in the post, who can then create their own preferred blend and share it on social media.

Once the blends have been examined and a batch has been created, all 500 winemakers will get their name on the label.

Philip Gregan, the chief executive of NZ Wine, said the market at the moment was "on-fire", with consumers "flocking to rosé in droves".

Exports of rosé are up 50 percent in the last year, and Mr Gregan said there are huge opportunities for New Zealand winemakers to move into the market.


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