Dashcam footage captures ute driving into oncoming traffic in Bay of Plenty

Frightening dashcam footage has captured the moment a silver ute overtakes a truck and trailer unit - narrowly missing oncoming traffic. 

Wayne Prujean was driving north between Pongakawa and Paengaroa in the Bay of Plenty when the driver of the ute pulled out in front of him.

"I have people pass me on double yellow lines, but [I've] never had one this bad," he told Newshub.

The video shows the ute narrowly missing the oncoming car as it drives up the shoulder of the right hand side of the road before coming back across into the left lane.

Mr Prujean says he was 'dumbfounded' by the move.

"I just can't believe it... I'd hate to think what the person in the car was thinking."

Earlier in the day, another driver pulled out to pass Mr Prujean's 50 tonne, 23 metre long truck and trailer unit.

"He pulled out and jammed the breaks on to pull back in. 

"I thought he [the ute driver] would have done the same and then I thought 'oh my gosh check this out' and he drives up the shoulder of the road."

It's an all too common sight. Mr Prujean says himself and his fellow truck drivers deal with 'idiots' on the road on a regular basis. 

"That's the job of being a truck driver. It's quite regular, I don't understand.

"I'm probably just blasé now, it happens all the time, I just get so used to it, there's so many idiots out there."

Mr Prujean said he did consider talking to police but he didn't have the licence plate of the ute.

He is considering putting a sticker on the back of his truck so people know just how long it is.


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