Demand growing for KidsCan's help

  • 02/08/2018

Demand is growing for child charity KidsCan's help as it works to feed and clothe Kiwi kids.

KidsCan warehouse and distributor supervisor Aroha and Edmonton Primary School principal Margaret Samson joined The Am Show on Thursday for a carpool interview about the issues they face.

Aroha says she's never seen so many people who need aid.

"This term I think we've done 1.5 million items, which when I started was nowhere near the quantities," she told host Duncan Garner.

"It just gets bigger and more needy… It's not something that you want to celebrate."

Ms Samson says the work KidsCan does makes a huge difference.

"As far as KidsCan goes, they make a huge difference, and being able to allow our children to feel better about coming to school with shoes, they have no more sore feet," Ms Samson told host Duncan Garner.

"They're warm and dry and able to come to schools."