Dolphins wow public off Auckland's Herald Island

  • 17/08/2018

A man has captured extraordinary video footage of dolphins swimming off Herald Island in Auckland.

The pod of about 20 dolphins was seen heading out to sea, towards the Harbour Bridge.

Aucklander Craig Patterson captured footage of the majestic mammals, showing them gliding through the water around boats and yachts.

The dolphins are believed to be common dolphins, which are often seen in the Hauraki Gulf and off Northland.

Usually preferring to remain a few kilometres from the coast, they feed on a variety of prey, including surface fish and smaller mid-water fish. The maximum age is estimated to be 22 years.

While rare, it's not the first time stunning footage has been taken of dolphins off New Zealand. In April, swimmers at Coromandel Peninsula's popular Matarangi Beach had an Easter weekend they'll never forget, thanks to a pod of curious dolphins.

Video showed swimmers up close and personal with the dolphins, which weaved around their legs.

And in May, footage emerged of kayakers in Kaikōura being joined by a massive pod of dolphins.

The Dusky dolphins appeared to click happily as they swarm around each other in the delightful video, filmed by Ian Trafford.

The pod put on a show for photographer Mr Trafford, who stopped to marvel at the mammals jumping in the air, with the serene Kaikōura landscape in the background.