Duncan Garner says depression needs to be taken seriously following death of Greg Boyed

Duncan Garner has told the country to check in on their friends and take depression seriously after the death of TVNZ broadcaster Greg Boyed.

Garner said he was shocked to hear of Boyed's death on Wednesday morning and expressed his deepest sympathies to Boyed's family on behalf of The AM Show.

Boyed passed away while on holiday with his family in Switzerland. He had been suffering from depression.

Garner said he knew Boyed had depression, but did not know how serious it was and he urged people to listen to their friends if they are depressed.

"I still don't think we know enough about depression and perhaps it's not taken seriously enough. It's not taken seriously enough in our health system, by our bosses in our workplaces, our families and our mates," he said.

"We live in this brutal fast-paced world where the biggest, the strongest and fastest they always win and anyone vulnerable is effectively left in their wake.

"I think we need to listen to people more when they raise a flag."

Garner told the story of a friend of his who had reached out to him when they were depressed.

He said people should talk to somebody about their mental health and reach out if they need it.

"Find someone to talk to and see if you can get some help. Be kind to yourself, remember to be good to yourself," he said.

"It's easy to spot an open, bleeding wound if you like but it's much harder to spot the black dog within someone else."

Where to find help and support: