Dunedin supermarket baskets and trolleys taken after plastic bag ban

A pile of crumpled plastic bags.
Photo credit: Getty

Customers at a Dunedin supermarket denied plastic bags have reportedly been taking their baskets and trolleys home.

Countdown supermarkets in Dunedin and Mosgiel stopped giving out single-use plastic carry bags in August.

Some baskets have gone missing this week, and staff have been collecting trolleys and baskets left out on the streets, says Countdown Dunedin central store manager Ron Andrew.

"We've seen some baskets go missing this week which is of course a little disappointing, but we also understand that sometimes behaviour change can be tough."

For each basket that is returned to the supermarket people will be given a free reusable bag. Mr Andrew says this is to help people get used to life without plastic bags.

Overall there has been a great response from customers since the removal of the plastic bags, he says. 


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